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Ildikó Juhasz Interview on Marc & Mandy Show

Ildikó Juhasz Interview on Marc & Mandy Show

Ildikó Juhasz Interview on Marc & Mandy Show

Our Ildikó Juhasz dropped by the Marc & Mandy show recently to talk about Revoderm skin care products.

Read the text of the interview below:

Hi, Marc and Mandy. If you ever received a treatment for a skin condition, sometimes it can be confusing what kind of skin care products to use at home.

Revoderm is really helpful for the patients and for us as well. Every patient has a separate skin care condition, so we diagnose your condition and then you go home and you have an individual treatment plan based on your condition.

So, Revoderm was designed in-house with the mindset that revolutionary dermatology, which indicates that we want to be on top of the ingredients and making sure that all the conditions combined. And we have individual treatment plans based on your treatments and how to manage your conditions even every day at home and get the best results out of the ingredients and the product.

For example, if you have acne, then we have a full acne line. And same as the scars, we do lots of skin cancer. And then we have a scar gel that is silicon-based. And we have a product for rosacea, for hyper pigmentation, for sun damage, for every condition, and that's how it's tailored, the whole skin care line.

Revoderm is a professional skin care line, which means most of the ingredients are a little bit stronger than what you can find over the counter, and it's really individually planned for your skin conditions.

We usually take before and after pictures, and we are making sure that the results are there. And if we need to do anything else as a treatment of prescriptions, we are always happy to do that too.

Thank you, Marc and Mandy. And, hopefully, this will give you a little bit more knowledge about our skin care products.